Front of House Refurbishment A beautiful house outside, as well as inside

We offer complete refurbishment of your property. This includes the outside brickwork and more…

Our team is happy to refurbish your entire property. We have the skills…

The general upkeep of your property is vital to the health of the building. If cracks appear in pointing and brickwork, they can lead to bigger problems of damp and worse.

We are here to keep your property in great condition. We will also tell you if it can wait – we give┬áhonest, unbiased advice on what can and should be done.

Works performed include:

  • Guttering
  • Repoint brick work
  • Repair and repaint
  • Repair paving
  • Repair and repaint iron work and walls
  • Refurbish woodwork on front porch
  • Repair and paint mouldings
  • Replace window glass
  • Installation of double-glazing
  • EastLondon-refurb-before-4
  • EastLondon-refurb-before-2
  • EastLondon-refurb-before-1
  • EastLondon-refurb-after-4
  • EastLondon-refurb-after-3
  • hackney-before-3
  • hackney-after-1
  • hackney-after-3
  • front-garden-before-2
  • front-garden-after-3
  • front-garden-after-1
  • house-restoration-2-web
  • manor-park-before-1
  • manor-park-after-1
  • manor-park-after-3

All B Construction refurbishments come with:

  • Free consultation
  • Free planning and design ideas via Howden’s Kitchens
  • Free estimate
  • Building Control liaison where needed
  • Our guarantee of skilled workmanship